Misja Brunhilda

I recently discovered the short movie “Misja Brunhilda” by Queer Misja collective from Warszawa, which I highly recommend! It’s a clever appropriation and queer reading of the polish sexploitation science fiction movie “sexmisja” from 1984. Storyline: Two male volunteers for a refreezing experiment are revived several years in the future, in a world with only women which is run by the League of Women’s Lib, which is depicted as cruel and manhating etc., but at the end the two men manage to make their gards fall in love with them and they regain power. So basically a heteronormative, misagonyst movie. “Misja Brunhilda” turns things upside down, adressing heteronormativity in a very intelligent and funny way, making a gay couple out of the two men, kept in prison for refusing to take heteronormativity pills, but soon to be rescued by the mouse Brunhilda, special force agent of the queer “decadencja” movement. watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmOaRXHP-Rg

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