Just another evening

Two young people are sitting in a Bar, late at the evening, somewhere in Neukölln. It is one of those new, so called alternative Bars in Neukölln (a quarter of Berlin, known as an imigrant quarter, where more and more young “alternative” people settle down and with them, Bars, art collectives, etc.). The Bar is quite nice, you can feel home pritty easy…therefore it does not need a lot of time until the conversation between the two young people becomes very personal, trying to figure out what does it mean not to define gender, to live in the small space inbetween, not willing to define sex or gender. They get very fast to the point that is nearly impossible to live this identy, because the definition is always wanted and put on you like a stamp at your front – straigth, lesbian, gay, woman, man…, with a clear image of each category …

While talking two other young girls enter the small bar. Theay sit down at the next table and also this conversation gets somehow personal. The conversation of the girls turns very fast into gossiping about friends and aquaintances and about some gays they do know. They do “love it so much, how female all those gays behave, they are just so cute and funny…” big laughter from their side “you know, he is just so gay, so faggy” laughter. Both of them seem to know very well, what should be the apropiate male behaviour and that “all those gays, just are so nice because of being so girlish, they are just not such real man” laughter. It sounds like a conversation about a new cute pet of a small child.

But sure, just another evening in Berlin.

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