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queere Türpolitik

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Ich war am Wochenende auf einer Party bzw. Clubnacht. Im Prinzip ein LGBT event, zu dem auch heterosexuelle weiße Männer Einlass finden. Klar, denn sonst wären ja z.B. eine Reihe von Trans*männern ausgeschlossen. Trotzdem hatte ich beim gehen den Wunsch nach einer wie auch immer gearteten “Türpolitik”, so blöd das auch klingt…Wie die genau aussehen kann weiß ich auch nicht, aber wenn ich auf einer Party voller flirtender und knutschender Lesben stehe und penetrative Blicke von offensichtlich nicht-homosexuellen Männern abbekomme, neben mir zwei Heteropärchen rummachen in einer Art “Sandwichkonstellation”, die beiden Frauen innen und Männer von außen in triumphaler Fuckers-Geste, auf der Bühne  die coole all-female Band tanzt, und sich bereits einige wenige mit auf die Bühne trauen, und unter diesen wenigen, die auch im Zentrum stehen wollen NATÜRLICH auch gleich ein Typ ist, dann kriege ich so 70er-Jahre-Feminismus Aggressionen. Vielleicht sollte ich mich locker machen, offensichtlich stört sich sonst niemand dran; im Gegenteil störten sich nur zwei Frauen daran dass ich mich während des Punk(!)-Konzerts mit meiner Freundin unterhielt… Menschen haben eben unterschiedliche Akzeptanzschwerpunkte.


Just another evening

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Two young people are sitting in a Bar, late at the evening, somewhere in Neukölln. It is one of those new, so called alternative Bars in Neukölln (a quarter of Berlin, known as an imigrant quarter, where more and more young “alternative” people settle down and with them, Bars, art collectives, etc.). The Bar is quite nice, you can feel home pritty easy…therefore it does not need a lot of time until the conversation between the two young people becomes very personal, trying to figure out what does it mean not to define gender, to live in the small space inbetween, not willing to define sex or gender. They get very fast to the point that is nearly impossible to live this identy, because the definition is always wanted and put on you like a stamp at your front – straigth, lesbian, gay, woman, man…, with a clear image of each category …

While talking two other young girls enter the small bar. Theay sit down at the next table and also this conversation gets somehow personal. The conversation of the girls turns very fast into gossiping about friends and aquaintances and about some gays they do know. They do “love it so much, how female all those gays behave, they are just so cute and funny…” big laughter from their side “you know, he is just so gay, so faggy” laughter. Both of them seem to know very well, what should be the apropiate male behaviour and that “all those gays, just are so nice because of being so girlish, they are just not such real man” laughter. It sounds like a conversation about a new cute pet of a small child.

But sure, just another evening in Berlin.

Misja Brunhilda

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I recently discovered the short movie “Misja Brunhilda” by Queer Misja collective from Warszawa, which I highly recommend! It’s a clever appropriation and queer reading of the polish sexploitation science fiction movie “sexmisja” from 1984. Storyline: Two male volunteers for a refreezing experiment are revived several years in the future, in a world with only women which is run by the League of Women’s Lib, which is depicted as cruel and manhating etc., but at the end the two men manage to make their gards fall in love with them and they regain power. So basically a heteronormative, misagonyst movie. “Misja Brunhilda” turns things upside down, adressing heteronormativity in a very intelligent and funny way, making a gay couple out of the two men, kept in prison for refusing to take heteronormativity pills, but soon to be rescued by the mouse Brunhilda, special force agent of the queer “decadencja” movement. watch it: